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    SISU Prepares to Celebrate 70th Anniversary (Notice No. 2)


    ith great thanks, we’ve received warm responses to our Notice No. 1 for celebrating SISU’s 70th Anniversary from our alumni and friends at home and abroad. We shall hereby confirm that the celebration will take place on Sunday, Dec 8, 2019 and that a wide range of events will be held to mark this great occasion. We’re delighted to announce that, in order to facilitate the participation of our alumni and friends from around the world, as well as our faculty and students, we’ve launched a dedicated website and fundraising project for the celebration.

    I. Website


    II. Donation

    1. Intended uses

    1) Celebration fund

    To partially finance special events, including academic forums, commemorative gatherings and performances during the celebration.

    2) Talent development fund

    To reward students with excellent academic achievements, help students with financial problems, sponsor student activities on campus, innovation and business startup projects, participation in competitions and social practice, as well as recognize outstanding faculty performance and sponsor international communication and exchanges. The talent development fund includes an art education fund and an innovation and startup incubation fund.

    3) Academic development fund

    To support promising research and innovation platforms that SISU badly needs and the development of key disciplines, laboratories and courses.

    4) Campus construction fund

    To finance new construction projects including a language museum, a SISU history museum, as well as addition and renewal of library spaces, conference rooms, laboratories, classrooms, lecture halls and roads on campus.

    5) Alumni engagement fund

    To support alumni networking events.

    2. Ways to give

    1) Bank transfer

    a. RMB account

    Account number: 1001274409200057626

    Account holder: SISU Education Development Foundation

    Bank: ICBC Shanghai Branch

    b. Foreign currency account

    USD account number: 1001274429148001668

    Account holder: SISU Education Development Foundation

    Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Shanghai Municipal Branch


    2) Postal remittance

    Address: Room 501, Building 5, 550 Dalian Road (W), Shanghai 200083, China

    Recipient: SISU Education Development Foundation (please name the intended use)

    III. Contact us

    1. SISU Anniversary Organizing Office

    BI Kunpeng: +8621) 3537 5661

    PAN Min: +8621) 3537 2217

    Email: 70qing@shisu.edu.cn

    2. SISU Alumni Association/SISU Education Development Foundation

    YANG Qingqi or ZHANG Weiping: +8621) 3537 2988

    Email: jijinhui@shisu.edu.cn

    We eagerly look forward to meeting you in Shanghai and sharing the happy moments with you all.

    Shanghai International Studies University

    April 18, 2019


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